n January 2015 SO.IN.G. was subcontracted to search for the roots of the trees in Avenue Mac Mahon. The techniques used were: 3D electrical tomography and GPR.. The surveys provided the necessary information to implement the final work specifications, as regards defining the extent and the depth of the roots of the elm trees running along the right and left sides of the tramway. The information provided by So.In.G. concerning the roots was part of a complex agronomy study, headed by agronomist Claudio Corrazzin, which was necessary in order to assess the health status of the elms and to operationally define the site for protecting the trees and their roots.
The final specifications were approved by the Municipality of Milan with the resolution signed by the Director in charge no 102 / 2015, in force from 10.07.2015.

The Milan Mobility website shows the entire final design and among all the attachments there are also SO.IN.G.’s graphic tables.

After numerous complaints regarding the preservation of the trees by the citizens, this project was still considered as an example of shared design project, to be used throughout the city of Milan.


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